Inspiration has struck! :)

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Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. With all the printing I’ve been doing lately there have been quite a few painted baby wipes created by the clean up process. They are quite colourful and semi transparent so there were some interesting effects when I layered them (another thing worth collecting!).

The inspiration for these works were the semi-transparent clean-up baby-wipes with blue paint on them.

The 6″ canvas’s in progress. I’m debating the colour of the embellishments but I like the backgrounds I have created by layering clean up cloths (baby wipes)

They are a non-woven fabric similar to dressmakers interfacing so they can be stitched. They tear easily in one direction only. I have used those to make a background for the Fibres West donation pieces, on which I will stitch some embellishment in red. I haven’t yet decided which red to use – a more muted Indian Oxide type red to match the muted blue, or a bright “popping” Cadmium Scarlet. I’m going to paint the ribbon and the cardboard circles and then stitch them in place. I am thinking about the finishing process while I do all this.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration has struck! :)

  1. I think I missed the memo about six inch donation pieces but you’ve certainly got me thinking! Love your colour choices. Keen to tell you about the different way they use indigo in Timor…..

    1. It’s the 15 x 15 Creative Challenge Fundraiser in the newsletter dated 25 May. It’s for works no bigger than 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (necklaces ok). Looking forward to hearing about your trip and what you saw.

  2. Liz have read your last few posts and appalled to hear of your difficulties with making collagraph plates to use for gelli printing or just as collagraph printmaking.

    What I use is something called Lascaux Acrylic hard ground. Its not a cheap product but it is incredibly versatile and useful for a printmaker. It would have solved all your difficulties with sealing plates and so on. Its called “hard ground” because its originally intended for making a plate to put into mordant to etch…..however its very very useful for collagraph plate making – that wont let you down. Best wishes

    by the way I tried to subscribe to your blog and it gave an error message twice so I gave up……..

    feel free to email me if you need help with making collagraphs

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